“Hiring a professional speaker to deliver your message carries this equally important subliminal message from you to your staff:  I am willing to invest in youYou matter to me. Your staff will feel like they work at a better place because you chose to spice up a meeting by bringing in a pro.  Hiring a great speaker sets you apart.

From ENGINEERS to BIG BUSINESS and SALES PEOPLE to NON-PROFITS I have been called upon to inspire and teach and have gotten the message across every time. That’s because I don’t deliver a canned speech.  Long before I ever step up to the microphone, I meet with you and your team and learn exactly what you want your meeting attendees to understand.  I even interview employees when it’s appropriate and sprinkle some of their positive comments into my talk. In the end my talk encompasses the points you want your staff to walk away with, wrapped in memorable stories and humorous anecdotes and delivered with the professional energy that will have your people talking about the meeting long after it’s over”